A personal journey

Over the years, I’ve known that I can save both time and money by doing it myself. If you are anything like me, I am always willing to have a go and try my hand at DIY and even more so, I hate being ripped off or paying too much for something!

So when building a fence, I know I have alternatives in the type of fence I want and how I get it built.

  • I can measure up what I need
  • I am capable of working out what I need – colours, gaps, gates etc
  • I like to do things on my terms and know I’m getting value for money.

With a little professional advice along the way to highlight the do’s and don’ts, I am up for the challenge.

Finally – there is a solution in the market for me to build my own fence - easily!

In the past, I found it impossible to find a simple and easy solution where I can literally buy a fence when it suits me, 24/7, hassle free delivery to my home, and then easy to erect.

I found DiYAS! An easy to use DiY Aluminium Slat System, I can purchase 24/7 online conveniently and have it confidently delivered in kit form to my home. If I need help, I can speak to real people and get advice from someone who knows what they are talking about.

Once ordered and delivered, I simply follow the instructions and DiY my own fence.

I not only found the company, I now work for the company which provides exactly what I was looking for. The company is DiYAS - DiY Aluminium Systems which offers a great range of quality aluminium slat fencing systems.

You don’t need trade experience to DiY a DiYAS fence – it’s simple and easy to purchase and assemble, with support a phone call away.

If you’re planning to build a fence, the DiYAS offering is new and unique to Australia. Australian owned, it is supported by Australians who love DiY!

While you’re on the website, check out our fencing options and have a look at the great range of gates, screens, infill panels and outdoor furniture.