When deciding what material to build your new fence, you have alternatives.

In this article, we compare wood versus aluminium wood-look materials. Today, there is no compromise in the appearance and range in aluminium wood-look systems so the decision lies in costs and on-going maintenance.

Disadvantages of using wood:

  • It is difficult to work with and heavy
  • Jointing is difficult and may not look the best if you’re not a skilled carpenter
  • It will warp, shrink and go out of shape over time
  • It is prone to splitting and rotting if not regularly treated
  • It fades and is deteriorates when exposed to the natural elements particularly if you’re close to the ocean
  • Treated wood is toxic
  • Wood supports combustion
  • Regular sanding and re-application of paint or varnish is required over the lifetime of wood to maintain it and reduce deterioration
  • The time and materials required to maintain the appearance of wood over its lifetime adds up to considerable ongoing cost
  • If not maintained a wood fence look run down and ugly in your backyard.


Advantages of using a DiYAS aluminium wood-look slat fence system:

  • It is light and easy to cut and work with
  • Jointing is made easy and neat with all screw fixings concealed with clever snap on cover strips
  • It’s simply maintenance free
  • It will not warp, shrink and go out of shape over time
  • It will not split or rot
  • It will not fade or deteriorate with exposure to the natural elements, even if near the ocean.
  • It is not toxic and is environmentally friendly.
  • An aluminium wood look slat fence does not support combustion.
  • An aluminium wood look slat fence does not require ongoing re-application of paint or varnish and will maintain it appearance over its lifetime, saving time and money
  • If not maintained an aluminium wood look slat fence continues to look great and enhance the appearance of its surroundings.

The winner is!

In the long run, there is a clear winner in aluminium wood-look slat fences saving not only costs but time in ongoing maintenance. Why not spend your time enjoying the good thing in life!